A Brief Word of Thanks, for Liam Hooper

Being the Divinity School’s Administrative Coordinator is – at many times – a stressful, ever-changing, and thankless role.  From working with Administrators and Faculty to organizing and structuring on-site and travel courses – to handling the myriad of student registration concerns, serving as the Administrative Coordinator in our community requires patience, focus, and surely, grace!  For the past few months, Liam Hooper, an alumnus of the Divinity School, has served our community in this role.  During his service to the Divinity School, Liam has helped tackle many academic and curricular concerns – during a period in which significant transition took place.  In a space where many of us are discerning life’s next steps, Liam became a voice of reason and a trusted resource for many students at Wake Forest School of Divinity; his office, a place of refuge and a space of encouragement.

Liam’s presence here at Wake reminded us that “our lives are lived stories – intersecting, layered, interdependent, multidimensional, interconnected, inter-influential, formative, and transformative.”1

In service to his communities, Liam works tirelessly as an activist, educator, advocate, and a scholar through the non-profit organization, Ministries Beyond Welcome.  Through extensive and holistic work in trans-activism, Liam has emerged as a well-sought thought leader and frequent contributor on socioreligious and sociopolitical issues affecting communities, the modern-day church, and the greater American society.  Beyond the walls of Wingate Hall, Liam embodies the mission of our beloved institution as an agent of justice, reconciliation, and compassion, diligently establishing spaces where those from every walk of life can share, listen, and learn together – with the goal of working towards a more equitable, inclusive, and loving community of faith.

As the Divinity School prepares for Advent, for exams, and a seemingly endless mountain of final papers, we take a few precious moments to express deep gratitude and overflowing thanks for the contributions, blessings, and gifts Liam gave us:

Liam, we thank you for the time you gave us when you didn’t have the time to give.  Thank you for your patience with many of us during registration.  Thank you for standing in the gap – on the student’s behalf – when you didn’t have to.  You did these things for us, not because you had to, but because you choseto.  In your work, you loved us, and – for that, we are incredibly grateful.

We thank you and extend our blessing upon you, as you move forth. May the grace and peace of the Creator continue to abide within you.



1 This quote is originally that of Liam M. Hooper, courtesy of liammichaelhooper.com.

Devon Stewart

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